About Us

The Article 26 project works in partnership with universities to provide advice and guidance on creating packages of support for students seeking asylum, which enables them to not only access  but succeed in Higher Education. This includes a full tuition fee bursary and funding to meet some of the additional costs associated with studying.

People seeking asylum  in the UK face two major barriers preventing them from accessing university. These are:

1. Tuition fees – people seeking asylum are classified as international students and charged tuition fees at the international rate.

2. Student finance – people seeking asylum are not entitled to finances from the Student Loan Company, available for home students to pay their university tuition fees or to a maintenance loan, which helps to pay for living costs.

We also organise an annual conference  every summer for current students, university partners and Article 26 supporters. This event brings together students and staff allowing them to share experiences, learning and to grow and strengthen the steadily increasing network of individuals and Higher Education Institutions working with Article 26 to achieve the right to education for all.

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