Policies And Resources

Over the years Article 26 has sought to collate and and share the experience and knowledge developed delivering the project. Here you will find a range of resources available to download, which we hope will not only help you to understand what we do, but how your organisation could influence or university could establish a bursary scheme. If there is anything missing or you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact the project: article26@hkf.org.uk.


'Guiding Principles on UK Sanctuary Scholars in UK Higher Education’  The ‘Guiding Principles’ is the first of a series of six resources aimed at providing the most up to date information and best in in relation to the delivery of initiatives to support forced migrants in higher education:

Identifying Sanctuary Scholars – a guide to identifying the different groups collectively described as forced migrants and whom we would encourage universities to include in their eligibility criteria for their scholarship schemes.

Reaching out to Sanctuary Scholars – this resource outlines key outreach strategies for the promotion of sanctuary scholarships internally within universities, in the locality and via national platforms.

‘Who Needs to Comply?’: Sanctuary Scholars and Compliance – this resource produced in partnership with CORAM Children’s Legal Centre provides a framework, in the absence of any alternative provision, aimed at assisting Compliance Teams to monitor forced migrant students studying within their institution.

Sanctuary Scholarship Standard Application form – a revised and updated application form and accompanying guidance notes to support universities in the establishment of or review of their existing scholarship scheme

Selecting Sanctuary Scholars – a selection framework built on and directly connected to the revised application form, which will support universities in the process of shortlisting, interviewing and assessing the specific needs of prospective forced migrant students.

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