Student Bursaries

In this section of the website you can find details of:

  • Current bursary opportunities available at participating universities.
  • A full break down of all the universities that Article 26 works with and how many bursaries they have provided since the project began AND most important of all;
  • 'Welcome Letter', which is an inspiring message from the current Article 26 students, which we would encourage everyone to read!

If you are a prospective student the most important actions you needs to take are:

1. You must apply through UCAS and be offered a place on a degree programme at a university/ies offering bursaries.

2. You then need to apply directly to the university/ies at which you have been offered a place, for a bursary to support you with tuition fees. Full contact details for all the universities and their bursary schemes can be found on the '2015 Bursaries' page.


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