PhD Research

Rebecca Murray, Article 26 Director is currently undertaking an ESRC funded PhD at the University of  Sheffield in collaboration with the Helena Kennedy Foundation. The working title of her thesis is: “Let the right one in” Transcending borders, barriers & binaries; widening access to Higher Education for forced migrants.

Forced migrants seeking sanctuary outside their country of origin, constitute one of the most ‘undesirable’ migrant groups and as such experience marginalisation within society. This doctoral research seeks to explore how this marginalisation is both enacted and resisted at the institutional level, through exploring the barriers faced by forced migrants who seek access to Higher Education. This research questions whether Higher Education replicates the practices and approaches of other institutions in civil society, or if there exists the potential for greater and more powerful resistance to managed migration policies. The UK & Sweden will be the focus of a comparative study within the EU, into the impact of different managed migration regimes on forced migrants’ access to higher education.

For further information and updates on Rebecca's academic work, see her university profile:

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