2016/17 Student Bursaries

What you need to do

  1. Submit an application through UCAS (www.ucas.com).  An offer via UCAS for a place at one of the universities on this list is essential.
  2. Check the details of the bursary scheme at your chosen university.
  3. Once you have been at offered a place apply DIRECTLY to the University for a Bursary to support you in your studies.

IMPORTANT: Helena Kennedy Foundation and Article 26 work separately. You can no longer apply directly to Article 26 for an award and HKF bursaries have separate eligibility criteria and bursary application process.

Bursary Support
Each university offers different support to different students. Check the details of the bursary scheme at the university you have applied to in the table below.

Some universities help meet the cost of accommodation and living expenses, the majority of universities are not able to meet these costs, therefore you need to make alternate provision for your living and accommodation costs during your degree programme. For some students this means that they can only consider universities in close proximity to where they currently live.

Questions about bursaries on offer at the universities listed on this page need to be directed to the university.

Stay Updated
The list of universities offering places will continue to grow, keep checking our webpage for updates. Follow Article 26 on twitter: @A26project or www.facebook.com/Article26.

Other sources of support
There are alternative sources of funding and support if you are not successful in your application for an Article 26 bursary. The links below are to other organisations that offer support to students.

Refugee Support Network provides advice and guidance on access to higher education: https://www.refugeesupportnetwork.org/

Schwab & Westheimer Trusts: http://www.schwabwestheimertrust.org.uk/

TIKO Foundation: http://www.tikofoundation.org/

Please note: This information has been collated to give you an overview of all the bursaries available to students seeking sanctuary, this includes bursaries offered by universities where there is a strong working relationship with the Article 26 project and universities where bursaries are offered independently of the project.

Web Link
University of Aberdeen TBC 4   R Click here 
University of Bradford 25.07.16 5   AS/DL/LLR/R Click here
University of Bristol 30.06.16     AS/DL/LLR/R Click here
University of Birmingham  19.08.16 1   AS/DL/LLR Click here
Canterbury Christ Church University TBC 1   AS/DLR/LLR Click here
Cardiff University 05.05.16 2   AS/DLR/LLR Click here
Chester University 13.05.16 1   AS/ DLR/ LLR/HP Click here
De Montfort University 01.04.16 4
AS/ DLR/ LLR Click here
University of East London TBC 10   Syrian nationals with HP/ R Click here
Edge Hill University 29.04.16 2   AS/DLR/ LLR Click here
University of Edinburgh TBC 5 4 AS/DLR/LLR/R Click here
Goldsmiths University TBC 1   AS/ R Click here
Keele University 01.05.16 1   AS/DLR/LLR Click here
University of Kent 02.05.16 4   AS/DLR/LLR/HP Click here
Kingston University 18.04.16 4   AS/ DLR/ LLR Click here
King's College 22.08.16 2   AS/DLR/LLR Click here
University of Lincoln 24.03.16 2   AS Click here
Loughborough University  21.10.16   1 no restrictions  Click here 
London School of Economics 27.04.16 3   AS/ DLR/LLR

Click here

London School of Economics 27.04.16   10 R Click here
University of Manchester TBC 1   AS/ DLR/ LLR Click here
Newman University 29.04.16 1   AS/ DLR/ LLR Click here
Nottingham Trent University 01.06.16 2   DLR/LLR Click here
Queen Mary University 01.07.16 4   AS/ DLR/LLR Click here
Royal Holloway University 08.03.16 1   AS/ DLR/LLR Click here
University of Salford 13.05.16 3   AS/ DLR/ LLR Click here
School of Oriental & African Studies 24.02.16 4 3 R/ HP Click here
University of Sheffield 24.06.16 3 2 AS/DLR/ LLR Click here
University of Strathclyde 27.05.16 1 1 AS Click here 
University of Sussex 30.06.16 2   DLR/LLR Click here
University of Sussex (English Language course)   10   SVPRS Click here
Warwick University 30.06.16 2   LLR/DLR Click here
Warwick University 27.02.16   8 R/HP Click here 
Westminster University 03.05.16 1   DLR/LLR Click here 
Winchester University 29.04.16 2   AS/ LLR/DLR Click here 
University of Wolverhampton TBC 20   TBC Click here
University of York 30.04.16 2   AS/DLR/LLR Click here
York St John TBC       TBC


Eligibility/Status code explained:
AS    Asylum Seeker: must have either submitted a claim for asylum or actively appealing a negative decision on claim for asylum. (in most cases dependents of asylum seekers are also eligible to apply. Check the individual university for details)
R         Refugee status
DLR    Discretionary Leave to Remain
LLR     Limited Leave to Remain
HP      Humanitarian Protection

SVPRS   Syrian Vulnerable Person Relocation Scheme

* DLR / LLR represent people with temporary status

This table is merely a guide to help people identify the scholarships that they might be eligible to apply for based on their immigration status. Each university will have additional eligibility criteria that applicants will need to meet in order to make an application. We advise applicants to check and adhere to the information on the individual university websites for precise details on available bursaries on and how to apply. We have provided a link to the relevant webpage of each university in the table above. Questions specific to individual universities need to be addressed to them – contact details should be included on the web page, or contact the relevant university student services department.

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